BarkBox Review

Saturday, August 25, 2012

You have heard of those websites that send you a box of samples for a small fee every month right? Well, BarkBox is like that, except they send dog supplies in their special box!

Inside our BarkBox was….
A rubber squeaky steak!! It even came in an adorable package like at the grocery store.  Grace immediately grabbed it and ran off with it.  She loves the challenge of it being such a big toy.  Also inside were bubbles!!!  How cool is that! I play with them with the pups whenever we are outside.  Such a cool idea! I think it will also make great photo ops! We also received Mini Yumzies which are healthy treats for dogs that can be used for training or as  a regular snack.  I love them because they are the perfect size!!  The dogs love them because they taste and smell delicious! And finally, we received a little chewy dental toy called a Spinz.  Pixie grabbed it and ran off. She needs to chew on things like that more anyways so I didn’t mind.  It has taken her quite a while to chew this thing down so I’m happy because I know it’s a challenge and she can’t destroy it or choke on it!
Oh and for me there were some doggy poo clean up bags which is great because I definitely could use some more!

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