I am SOOOO into Neon Colors {{Fashion}}

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've been seeing neon colors everywhere lately.  From shoes and bikinis to glasses and leggings.  Not only are they being worn at concerts, but on the street as an everyday trend.  I just think it's so bright and happy and it really can make you look more youthful when it comes to how you dress.  No one wants to look "frumpy", so even if you are wearing leggings and a plain tee, you can throw a neon headband, glasses, or even a neon tshirt on. 

Personally I love orange and pink neon.  Green and yellow can be a bit too much and can't go with everything.  Orange is more subtle.  And pink is just..well, pink! 

A lot of neon colors go hand in hand when it comes to color blocking as well.  You can show off two fashion trends in one!

What's your favorite neon color?

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