What Kristen Stewart Did Right...{{Relationships}}

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last week, tabloids and gossip websites boomed with the news of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson possibly breaking up because Kristen was reportedly outed after an afrair with the director of the Snow White and the Huntsmen movie.  In most cases, whether it's a celebrity or not, people will immediately deny what they did in order to protect themselves and their reputation.  You can't blame them, it's an instinct to protect and defend yourself.  But how bad would it make her look if she lied, and then the photos came out.  She could potentially lose out on future income with movies, etc.  Plus she could really lose her fan base.  The fact that she admitted to it, and apologized, is a great start.  What she did was not right, but owning up to it and taking responsibility for it is an important part of relationships.  Whether it's a little lie, cheating, or something silly in a fight...if you are wrong, admit it and own up to it.  It might be difficult but you will feel relieved right after.

When you lie about something or deny it, you just prolong your suffering and you can hurt someone even more.  Be honest, be up front, and just know that you are a better person for owning up to your actions.

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  1. I almost wonder if this is some sort of publicity stunt. I mean you NEVER saw pics of her and Rob getting it on (unless I missed them) so if she was so good at keeping that part of her life private you would think that she could keep a brief fling underwraps


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