Quite an Eventful Weekend...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lately, I kind of sort of put the Bucket List on hold just to get some projects around the house and yard done.  This weekend was quite eventful.  My boyfriend has been working on the shed which was atrocious before.  Well, not really, but it was quite dilapidated.  It was this ugly blue color and parts of it had rotted away.  So it took him a whole week of working away at it and finally yesterday he painted it and is finished for the most part.  One huge project off our checklist. 

On Saturday, we went to a Chihuahua birthday party for a friend.  I brought all 4 pups which was very fun.

So many chihuahuas!


Me and my babies!

Rocky making friends

Stella after being rained on
 Oh and Pixie had ANOTHER health scare...you remember, like the one where she had hair stuck in her butt! YEP! I blogged about it before and you can read that here.  Well, Saturday evening around 7 pm, I noticed Pixie was coughing a lot.  I always worry about Kennel Cough because she has had that a few times and she is also susceptible to upper respiratory illnesses.  So I figured maybe she had inhaled something as she usually does.  After all, when she was out in the yard that day I saw her face covered in cobwebs so she was up to no good at some point.  Well, I arrived home from a friends house around midnight only to find that Pixie had been coughing so much that there were little frothy piles of her spit all over the sofa cover. Poor girl!  I called the emergency vet and after informing it would be $100 to get her in, I took her in.  We were there till 2:30 am.  She has an upper respiratory issue, almost bronchitis so they gave her meds, and they also gave me her xrays on a disk which is pretty cool.  I'm so glad she's on meds!  She should be better in a few days, but shes's already doing great.  Poor little girl.  So $250 later...Pixie was okay, and I was exhausted.  I was like a walking zombie yesterday since I barely got any sleep.

Poor Little Pixie

My Birthday is coming up (August 13th) and I'm taking a half day Friday to get my hair cut and then I have Monday off.  Have no clue what all will go on over the weekend but I'll update you guys next week.

Oh and.. on a side note... Voting ends tomorrow for me to win a week long date with the Chevy Volt! Please if you haven't already, vote for me!!!  It only takes one second! I really appreciate it and will be able to blog about my date and all the things I do with the car.  I will be completing more bucket list items for sure!

How was your weekend and what are you up to for the rest of Summer?


  1. Love the puppies! Stopping by from the blog hop. I am a new follower. Hope to see you at True Aim!

  2. So glad that Pixie is going to be ok!! Poor baby!
    That birthday party looked like a lot of fun!
    Happy Early birthday! No wonder I like you, I LOVE LEOS! I am not a Leo but I have a TON of Leo in my chart!


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