How to Own a Trend

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trends are great but sometimes they aren't totally "you" and if you try too hard, it defeats the whole purpose.  There's an easy way to make a trend more "you".  Use a part of the trend, and use some of YOUR original what you are used to. 

Pencil skirts may be in but you are someone that totally doesn't dress that way...EVER.  So instead, find a pencil skirt with a crazy or unique design or pattern or even a bright color.  You are still rocking the pencil skirt, but when you choose a hot pink one, for your color blocking idea, everyone will think "That's totally her because she's alwasy rocking bright colors!"

Here are a couple examples of how you can make current trends more "you."

Color blocking
The look on the right can EASILY be pulled off

If you aren't someone who wears bright or neon colors, it might not be something you will look good in.  Maybe the tone of your skin is too pale or your hair won't go with it.  So instead... try just wearing ONE color that's bright. Maybe just bright blue jeans and then a white, black, or grey top. Play around without jumping right in and trying to wear green and orange!


A lot of people have been rocking sequin pants and tops lately (not together of course!) but for some people, it just doesn't go with their personality.  Some people have even told me they are "too tomboyish" for sequins.  So next time you dress up, just wear a sequin accessory.  Maybe a headband with a sequined design on it, or a sequined clutch!!  Or you can be really bold and just try sequin shoes.  This way, you stick with your typical style and look, with just an accessory (shoes, hair, or bag) rocking the trend. 

With that being said...

How have you made current trends more "you" or how do you plan to?

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