Zazzle Review

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zazzle  is a website that has all kinds of items for yourself and for gift ideas.  From clothing to school supplies, to home d├ęcor!  Everything is so reasonably priced and their website is very organized and easy to browse through.  I felt impressed by the selection but not overwhelmed, which was a huge relief.  Online shopping should always be simple and easy.

I received a Funky Pink Zebra Binder from Zazzle.  It actually has my name on the front and the side and it is absolutely perfect for couponing.  I switched all of my coupon stuff over to this binder and now I am even more proud to show it off.  It’s very sturdy and durable and the binder rings open and close smoothly.  This would be a great item for kids going back to school or teens going to college!

1 comment:

  1. Omgoodness, that is too gorgeous! And you're right, you can put your coupons in it. I need to get me a binder like this for my coupons too! Mine is falling apart!


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