Colorful and Conveniently Healthy with safeHands {{Review}}

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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safeHands is a fabulous way to ensure that the dirty germs that are all around us, will never be enough to run you down.  Whether it’s out in public, or even in your own home, sometimes there are germs that we aren’t even aware of and before too long, we end up catching a nasty illness.  It’s important to make handwashing part of your routine but let’s be honest, there isn’t a sink every 10 feet in this world.  That’s why safeHands Classic line and safeSquirts children line is the best idea for everyone.  They are hand sanitizers with a moisturizer that are a liquid, but come out as a foam.  They prevent your hands from drying out, they won’t burn your skin, and they come in fabulous scents!   I prefer to use alcohol-free products so this was right up my alley. 

safeHands was actually developed after much scientific research and clinical studies.  In fact, safeHands is the safest and most efficient alcohol free hand sanitizer to fight germs AND soothe your hands at the same time.  The main disinfecting ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride which is actually a safe ingredient that comes from plants.   And since there is no alcohol in safeHands, you will actually have less of a chance of bacteria on your hands.  Dry skin actually causes bacteria which can allow your hands to become recontaminated even after you just disinfected them!  Then you have to apply even more disinfectant, and it’s a vicious cycle.  Even in the summer, my hands get dry so this is a huge selling point for me when it comes to a hand sanitizer!

I received Clean Linen, Cucumber Mint, and Fragrance Free from the classic line and Bubble Gum, Cool Blue, and Tooty Fruity from the childrens line.  Every single one of these fragrances was amazing.  I especially love how colorful each one is.  One squirt was all I needed and the best part was there was no runny mess.  I also had plenty to cover both of my hands entirely.  They have a pleasantly light smell that is not overpowering and doesn’t stick around on your hands to irritate you later if you happen to eat something with your fingers or rub your eyes.  Another thing I really liked was that they are the perfect size to keep in a desk drawer, a center console, a gym bag, a purse, or even in a child’s backpack.   Remember, because it’s alcohol free it’s safer for children because it’s not flammable and hasn’t been banned like alcohol-based products have been for poisonings and mis-use.  Your kids can handle food after using safeHands and it won’t tarnish floors or surfaces if they happen to spill it

I have tried each scent, and although I’ve been using them on a steady basis, there is still so much left in the bottles!!  I firmly stand behind safeHands and can say that I feel not only more comfortable when I use it, but more confident about my ability to stay healthy!  

I received a sample of the above product in exchange for review, however all opinions above are that of my own.

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