Cosmetics Organizer from DormCo

Thursday, April 11, 2013

So whether it's your first apartment or an actual college dorm, the best way to do it is to find great deal on quality furnishings and DormCo is full of them! DormCo is the leading retailer for college dorm needs and whether it' bedding, accessories, or decor, you won't be disappointed.  The items in their online college store were actually personally selected by people that know what makes dorm life more comfortable.  

A comfortable sleeping set up, organizational decor, and other room furnishings are crucial to give students the best experience when they are living on their own.  You can find great ways to save space, keep your stuff safe, and keep your room clean! DormCo ships 99.99% of their items from their Buffalo, NY warehouse so you will only get charged $2.95 for shipping!   Orders can be shipped quickly and you'll get the best price around!

 I received an awesome Divided Cosmetic Caddy from DormCo.  It has the most ideal sizes of compartments for me to store and keep all of my necessities organized.  I use it to store perfumes, body sprays, fashion fix tape, and plenty more items.  It's easy to wash if you happen to have a spill and because it's clear, it will look good anywhere! 

I love how sturdy and heavyweight it is.  I also love how deep each compartment is, so I know that I won't knock over everything I store inside it.   I love finding different ways to stay organized and store all my products so this is great, even though I'm not in college! Definitely check out DormCo, because there is multiple things out there for everyone!

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