MakeUpMiser Review - Get Every Last Drop out of your Beauty Products

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Have you head of the MakeUpMiser?  Well, let me introduce you to this great beauty tool.  It's an ergonomically designed, flexible makeup spatula that enables you to reach down into the bottom of your cosmetic product and use every last drop.  Let's be honest, with the price of high quality luxury creams, powders, and lotions, every last scrape gives you an extra day or two of product!  The MakeUpMiser comes in different sizes so that it can fit even small containers!  The MakeUpMiser also helps control bacterial growth in cosmetic products, so it's a win-win no matter how you look at it. You can actually get 20% more use of your product!

The MakeUpMiser was created by Michelle Phillips, who happens to be located in Lancaster, PA which is just a short drive from me.  Not only is she a mother, wife, and businesswoman, but she's a cosmetic entrepreneur!  She's created such a helpful product that will benefit women everywhere.   The idea came to Michelle while she was managing an exclusive Medical Day Spa and she was exposed to everyday clientele.  They often complained about not being able to gain access to the bottom of the creams and lotions so she knew she needed to think of a solution.  Although it took much trial and error,  Michelle has finally found a great solution and her makeup spatulas have even been featured on The Today Show! 

I received a sample of the MakeUpMiser from Michelle and I must say, these gave me at least an extra weeks worth of my favorite cream, 2 weeks worth of my foundation, and has finally allowed me to stop using annoying (and useless) Q-tips to salvage the remainder of my makeup products.   I was relieved that I didn't have to scrape with my own fingers, which does nothing but create an impossible to remove buildup of foundation and concealer underneath my fingernails!

You really have no idea how much product is left at the bottom of a jar, just because the pump stops delivering it.  I was so surprised and I can't even imagine how much product I've wasted over the years because I never knew MakeUpMiser existed.

If you are from PA like I am, be sure to show Michelle some support and buy her product.  Spread the word to women everywhere because I gurantee you EVERYONE will benefit from this. 

Make sure you check out Michelle's page on Facebook and follow her on Twitter!

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