Racor Home Storage Solutions Review

Monday, April 22, 2013

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When it comes to keeping my house clean and organized, the garage is the biggest challenge.  With 2 cars parked inside, it seems like there is never enough room to store everything else in a neat and tidy fashion, so that's why I need Racor in my life.  Racor is a line of Home Storage Solutions that will make life much easier, starting with your garage.  From bike racks, to storage hooks and other garage organization methods, Racor has high quality products that are guranteed to make a difference the moment you install them! 

Their line of storage hooks come in handy for ladders, brooms, shovels, and other bulky items that need to be kept off the ground but not just shoved into a corner.  Plus, we all have learned by now that when you keep several tall items leaning in one part of the garage, there will always be atleast one time when you run into them and they ALL fall down!  


I received a Small J-Hook, Ladder  Hook, Extended U-Hook, Large J-Hook, and small U-Hook from Racor and I am quite pleased with how easy they were to install and how effective they are when it comes to keeping my garage organized and clean.  The only thing needed to install these was a screw driver and they were flexible enough to be inserted securely into drywall!

The Small J-Hook is good for backpacks, coats, skates, or golf bags.  It's small enough to not get in the way, but sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest gym bag! It's welded from steel and wire so there's no fear of it ever snapping.

The Ladder Hook is ideal for ladders, or large hoses. The long hooks allow you to store multiple items, whether it's an extension ladder and a painting ladder, or just several hoses.   

The Extended U-Hook is perfect for lawn chairs and garden tools and it's a great way to keep your electrical cords from getting tangled up by laying in a pile.   It's also a conveniently shorter size. 

The Large J-Hook is not bulky, but has a deep J shape which is ideal for chairs, leaf blowers, and sleds.  I used it for leaf blowers and sleds and it really held them sturdily and was very easy to install of course.

And the Small U-Hook is perfect for brooms, shovels, step ladders, and any long handled tools.  This is great for keeping them off the ground and out of the way, but I also really enjoyed how short the hooks were so that they weren't sticking way out when I walked by them, yet they still held just as much stuff.

Definitely check out Racor for ALL of your garage home storage needs!

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