Pawbox for the Month of April

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pawbox is a great way to keep you and your pet's life exciting with new toys and samples each month, all delivered in an adorable box.  For $10 a month you can get a handful of goodies and samples as well as coupons for the future! If you don't want to share them with your dogs right away, you can just save them for holiday presents like I sometimes do.

This month, Pawbox had some great things for my babies inside!

Green Dog Natural Complete Calm :  This is a sample of a supplement that can help keep your pooch calm and mellow during any kind of anxiety-fueled situation such as a car ride, going to the vet's, or even a thunderstorm.

Emergency pet Rescue Sticker:  It's always a good idea to have one of these so that if a fire or any other disaster happens, everyone will know the animals in your family that need rescued! 

Nutrabar:  This is an all natural premium food bar with 27% protein and it's great for on the go.  When I took my pups to the park I gave them each a bite so they had protein to give them energy for playing.

Bark Bars: These are all-natural cookie bar dog treats and they look like human candy bars because of the awesome wrapper! I am really lovin this and plan to purchase some!

Baby Sucks with Squeakers:  This was the toy of the month and WHOA do my girls adore this!! No wonder, it's greta for fetch!

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