3 Relationship Tips for Getting Along on Vacation

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cabin Fever can happen anywhere, not just in the house in the winter.  Even on vacation, after travelling together in a car for almost a whole day, couples can start fighting and getting impatient and irritated with each other.   That's not a good way to spend a vacation.  Vacations should be spent relaxing and enjoying your time together. Here are 3 tips to a better relationship while on vacation!

photo by wili_hybridvia PhotoRee

1. Plan Activities
No one wants to be bored and stuck inside because you have no idea what to do.  And by having an activity or two planned, it'll keep your minds busy and active.  Plus you will bond over a fun activity!

2. Leave home drama at home
So lately you've been arguing about dirty dishes, laundry, housework, etc.   Leave that all at home!!!   Are you annoyed by something at your job?   Don't vent about it on vacation!  On vacation, focus on what's going on at that very moment!!   Leave everything else at home (or in the trunk of your car!)

3. Take pictures
Even though it sounds corny, making yourself a specific point to take photos together will make you force  a smile, and when you look back at them you'll have that "aww we had so much fun" thought go through your head! Sometimes forcing a smile ends up making you genuinely smile!

What do you do on vacation so you don't get annoyed by your other half?

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