My Desk Makeover!

Monday, July 1, 2013

So recently I've been struggling with staying organized and coming up with ideas to write for my blog. I figured this is a typical case of writer's block but in order to help give myself inspiration I need to have a nice, peaceful, WRITING area in my room.   So here is the before and after shot of my desk....

Basically, I got rid of the Pink catch all box I had and I made this a WRITING only area.  

But before I did all this I had to stock up on supplies...

This is perfect because it can sit anywhere on my desk and I just have to reach over and grab what I need!

A Stiletto Tape Dispenser and a Purse Sticky Note Dispenser? How appropriate!

I ran to Office Max and splurged on a desk set (the white quilted ones) and I invested in pretty bright-colored pens, markers, paperclips, and sticky notes.  Some of these will be used in my Filofax which I will post about later.  

The key to it all was a few easy golden rules of desk organization:

  • Everything will have a place
  • You only need one TO DO/IN box
  • You only need one TO FILE/OUT box
  • Everything should be easy to find and in a logical place

What parts of desk organization do you struggle with?   Too many papers?  Difficulty categorizing everything?   

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