Mint Green Color as a Fashion Trend

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

photo by CucumPearvia PhotoRee

I am completely obsessed with the current mint green color trend.   I see it everywhere and I must say I love it in the winter and even in the summer. 

The light color ensures you won't get hot in the sun when you wear mint green to an outside event, but I really love how it complements summer skin tones!
I have a lot of mint green blouses and I am looking for some mint green skinny jeans.  Mint is so easy to pair with black, white, and metallic colors!   
I love the mint green/blue nail polish trend as well because it looks great on your fingertips in the summer time!!!
How many mint pieces do you have in your closet?

 photo Newsig_zps7e5a1ccf.png

1 comment:

  1. Love the mint green!!! It is my official Summer pedicure color (worn with matching mint green SummerSox of course).

    btw: Angry Rabbit makes a great looking pair of mint green jeans and they are Made in the USA.


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