My Organized Planner and Papers

Monday, July 15, 2013

My organized Planner and papers

Hi my name is Ellen and I’m addicted to my Filofax.   Seriously…. But there’s nothing wrong with that because it’s basically what keeps me so darn organized.   I wanted to make a post specifically to show off my organized papers/files to you.

In my work bag I carry an expanding file, which I broke into categories.

NEEDS ACTION – Things I need to deal with before the end of that day
Need to Read – Newsletters, articles, etc. 
Product Information – The media info that comes with the products I review
Blog Ref/Notes – Notes I take from seminars, meetings, etc.
Receipts – self explanatory.
Tickets – Tickets to attend blog related events.
Personal Projects – Bucket List, etc.
Finance – Notes about my budget or reference materials/articles about budgeting
Cleaning/Organization – Articles/reference material about cleaning and organization
Minimalism – Articles/reference material about minimalism
Fashion – articles/reference material about fashion.

I printed labels for each section on cute decorative backgrounds!

Then we have my Filofax…

TODO Section – things I need to do
                General TODO List, To Sell list, and House Projects

LISTS – Broken down into different lists, and I have a section marked for grocery lists

Broken down into Blog TO DO, Blog Income, and Blog Ideas

Finance – Bill paying schedule, debt paydowns, Goals

Reference – My list of diet-friendly foods, Important due dates and passwords, etc.

Calendar – Broken down into monthly and weekly J

And yes, I know that it doesn’t look perfect but I want it that way because it’s personal and it’s MY WAY! 

How many different filing systems and planners do you have? How do you organize them?

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  1. Would love to see an updated look at your filofax, and what you are using and have learned from using your filofax. Love your blog.


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