Embracing Minimalism with my DVDs

Monday, July 29, 2013

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When you hear the word "minimalist" you probably imagine someone walking into a room with one piece of furniture in it...not true.  Minimalism just means a way of life where you don't have more than you need in a wasteful way.   It's not a right or wrong way to live, but I can tell you one thing, minimalism goes hand in hand with budgeting and staying clean and organized! 

There's nothing like a good move to make you realize how much STUFF you have.  ANd I realized that not only were books annoying to pack and transport (That's why I have a Kindle now), but DVDs are just as much of a pain!

So finally, I decided to get rid of most of my DVD collection because I never really watched any of them anyways.   I pretty much got most of my DVDs on sale at different stores, and I would always just buy whatever movies were cheapest, even if it wasn't really worth owning.   So I went on Music Magpie, which is a site that sends you a check in exchange for your DVDs and CDs, and they even pay for shipping... and I got about $50!!!!

Then I listed my DVD rack on Craigslist for about $15 and it sold right away!! I have a book shelf all ready which is what I can store the remaining DVDs in!   It will only take up one shelf instead of 4!!  I kepy my favorites like TV shows (LOST, Sex and the City), and my favorite movies which there were probably about 10 of them!  

It feels nice to have more space, and less stuff to move next time!!   Plus, most of the DVDs I got rid of were ones that weren't even opened yet! Oops!!

Can you look at your Movie Collection and choose 10 DVDs you haven't watched since you bought them?
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  1. lol. Was just looking through my DVD's over the weekend to see if I had anything appropriate for my daughter to watch. And there are several DVD's that I never even opened after purchasing. I don't have loads of DVD's, but did get rid of probably 50 VHS a while back when my VCR broke. And, I've been toying with the idea of getting rid of most of my CD's. I don't even listen to them anymore. I prefer to listen to music online instead.


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