Poppin Desk Accessories Review

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I have been dealing with serious Writer's Block lately and I decided it would be smart to have a nice work/writing desk set up so I can read and write and get inspired.  I usually just use my laptop on my bed or wherever I'm sitting, so this was quite a task to set up . I needed to get office supplies and arrange my area.   

Well, Poppin is full of amazing colorful office supplies and desk accessories and the one thing I love about them is the modern style and the bright colors that POP on your work space!  Poppin has electronics, organizing supplies, and writing accessories too! I was lucky enough to receive several items for my new workplace set up from Poppin. 

Poppin sent me a notebook (with an E on it!), a ruler, a pun cup, a stapler, ballpoint pens, and a tape dispenser. 
This was my pen set up before.  Yea, not very welcoming and not very big so everything's stuffed in there. 
Well, thanks to my 2 compartment pen cup from Poppin, I was able to put dry erase markers and sharpies in one side and scissors and a couple pens in the other. I also must say that I really loved the ball point pens. The bright blue color is pretty and the nice blue ink writes smooth and well and they are comfortable to hold. 

I love the color blue and the staples and tape dispenser really let me desk set up pop.  The stapler is nice and heavy and so was the tape dispenser.   They both stayed in place when I used them and I really love how nice and modern they look. 

I absolutely adore my new writing book with an E on it.   I keep inspiration, ideas, and random thoughts in it!!

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