3 Gift Ideas for Pet Owners

Friday, December 6, 2013

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Everyone has a pet owner in their family and I don't just mean someone with a gold fish. I mean someone like me, who considers their pets their furry children. So when you are looking for a gift for an animal lover, get something practical! Here are 3 ideas.

1. Clawguard

The Clawguard is a must have for pet owners, especially ones with a dog that goes crazy when someone's at the door. The Clawguard creates a discreet protective cover on any door or surface that a dog or cat paws at.
It can hang over a door handle and doesn't sacrifice the interior style of your home.

2. Stylish Pet Supplies

Dexas offers a line of stylish and colorful pet supplies like bowls, mats, feeding cups, bag clips, and water bottles so you can be stylish and so can your pet!

3. A Solution for the Problem Fur Child

Well, this one will work well for your recipients guests as well since it will keep the barking at a minimum. The Bark Genie is a favorite in my home. It's a device that emits a high frequency sound when dogs bark. There's a handheld version too.

Happy Shopping!

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