How My Rescue Chihuahua Rocky Rescued ME & the Bracelet that Represents That

Monday, December 30, 2013

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I can honestly say that my "rescue" chihuahua Rocky has had a huge impact in my life ever since the day I found him. Long story short, he was owned by an elderly couple and they had several dogs. They were beginning to consider finding new homes for their dogs as their health was deteriorating but before they could do that, Rocky escaped from their house (he's a quick little bugger) and was exploring the neighborhood like usual. It was then that he stumbled into my parents' backyard and my mom called me to tell me they found a tiny dog and had no idea whom he belonged too. After a weekend of keeping Rocky with me and making sure he was warm and well-fed, I received a text from my mom telling me that she had located his owners but still had good news. They explained their hardships with their health and then once she showed them a photo of me with my other 3 chihuahuas, the man exclaimed that he believed in fate and the fact that Rocky stumbled into the yard of a chihuahua lover wasn't just coincidence. My mom had told him that I was falling in love with Rocky and I would be willing to keep him if they were willing to re-home him with me. The answer was yes.

It took a few weeks for me to warm up to having a male dog and getting over the misconception that they pee everywhere and hump everything. Rocky was in love with me and was sooo grateful, more so than my girls. The only life they've ever known is to be super spoiled, sleeping in my bed, and being cuddled every night. Rocky on the other hand had been used to sleeping in a dog pen with the other dogs and probably wasn't handled as much as my girls were. It was as if he KNEW what he had. I often see him staring at me, smiling with loving eyes. And he came in to my life at a crucial time when I was having some major issues with the men in my life and needed a little guardian. It's amazing how loyal he is to me, he doesn't leave my side, and he has no other intention except to get love. I mean, he isn't even tempted away from me with food!

I'm not alone when it comes to having a special little furry man in my life, because it's the same concept that inspired Angel to start Sunny Side Design. Angel was a busy mom of three with an already hectic life so the decision to adopt a dog was overwhelming to her at first. Her oldest daughter finally convinced her that it would be worth it and after several months of searching, they found Cooper through a rescue agency. 

Angel is in love with Cooper and can't imagine life without him, nor can the rest of her family. Of course there are typical snafus like eating shoes, getting on the furniture, and speeding around the house for no apparent reason, he's considered a blessing in their home! The question "who rescued who" was the thought that motivated Angel to create the Rescue Me Jewelry Line. And a portion of each sale is donated back to animal rescue organizations! Sunny Side Design offers hand stamped charm necklaces and bracelets that can be personalized with your pet's name!

I received a gorgeous bracelet from Sunny Side Design. It has a little dog tag that reads "Rescued by Rocky" and includes a couple little charms like a heart, a paw print, and a dog!   It means so much to me and is  a great symbol of my bond with Rocky.   It's super fun to explain the story behind it!

If you or someone you know can relate, then go ahead and share the story with a charitable purchase of a Rescue Me piece of jewelry!  

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  1. We have two chihuahuas in my family and I love both of them! They are both boys and such sweethearts! Love them!

  2. Ellen I remember the day that "lil" man came into your life--he is a cutie-Kyle

  3. What a beautiful post, Ellen, and that picture of you with Rocky is gorgeous. Hope you frame that one and keep it where everyone can enjoy it.

  4. Aww, I can see why you didn't want to give Rocky up!


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