5 Books that Helped Me Learn to Love Myself

Thursday, December 12, 2013

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This year was a life changing one for me especially when it came to loving myself. I thought I already did, I was surprised how unhappy I was compared to how overjoyed I am with myself everyday now after learning to love myself! These are some great reading recommendations for anyone who wants to learn how to love themself even more!

Buddhism Plain and Simple

Before you disregard this because of the title, let me explain it, plain and simple. It’s NOT about Buddhism as a religion but more about Buddhism as a spiritual practice, which really helps educate the reader about oneness, self-love, and meditation. It also helped me learn to control my thoughts and make sure they were productive and positive. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO EVERYONE! I promise you it’s not just another “religious beliefs book”. Read the reviews on Amazon if you don’t believe me!

Single Girls Manifesta

This is great for any girl that needs to brush up on her independent skills. I thought I was independent BEFORE reading this, but afterwards I felt even more confident and glad that there are others like me.

The Secret

Everyone should read this book!!! Whether you’re happy, sad, single, or married, The Secret will change your life. I didn’t know what it was referring to when I purchased it but after finishing it in a week, I started documenting ways it changed my life, simply by practicing The Secret. I’m telling you, if you read it, understand it, and start to give off more positive vibes, you’ll have amazing things happen in your life. I feel like a crazy person when I try to explain it to people because you really have to experience it yourself before you even try to understand someone else explaining it. I love this book, I will not lend it to anyone, because I consider it sacred and I keep it next to my bed! PLEASE read this book!

The Happiness Project

This book is amazing and I ended up doing an entire blog series about it. I completed it over the course of a year, following some of the monthly projects the book had, and some I made more applicable to my life (I skipped the children part since I obviously don’t have kids).

Tiny Buddha Tips to Release Self-Neglect and Love Yourself

It’s not a book, but rather a blog post packed with simple and straight forward tips to focus on what’s important… YOU. I highly recommend printing it out and using it as a checklist!

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