5 Gift Ideas for Men

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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They are usually impossible to shop for, but if you get them something just practical enough, you'll be quite pleased with yourself..so without further ado, here are 5 gift ideas for men, be it your dad, boyfriend, husband, or brother.

1. A Portable Electric Razor

Shavetech makes a sleek portable electric razor with a smooth shave and easy charging capabilities by simply plugging it into a USB port. This is great for the guy on the go that always has his laptop by his side!

2. Jerky!

Krave Jerky comes in a variety of unique jerky flavors and makes a great gift idea for pretty much any male!

3. Shave/Bath Products

Why not get him some handsomely scented bath products so he smells great and doesn't complain about using "girly" products. Every Man Jack has seriously manly gift sets!

4. After Shave Skin Care

Every guy complains about razor burn and irritated skin, so if you want that No-Shave November beard gone, help him out. Tao of Man has a Daily Skin Defense skincare product line that not only smells great but works well too!

5. Garage Storage Solutions

They always complain that they need more room, so why not help them make some with some great garage storage solutions from Racor. How about some tool hangers or even a ladder hanger!

Happy Shopping ladies!!!

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