The Easy Fix to Prevent Handbag Spills and Falls in the Car

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Don't laugh, because you KNOW it's happened to you! You're driving somewhere and your precious purse was kicked out of the passenger seat because you actually have a human passenger this time! Where do you put your bag?
NO! On the floor or the backseat are NOT viable options!! You paid good money for your bag and the contents in it so there's no reason to let it get dirty, lose the goods inside, or get beat up going around curves!
For years I've been saying that I want to invent a seatbelt for handbags that are just the right size to keep them in place. Well, someone beat me to it, sort of!
Catherine Seifert was sick of handbag problems (hashtag!) Handbag problems include:
Having to reach and strain yourself trying to get your bag especially when it spills
Being distracted while driving because your bag spills it's contents EVERWHERE
Having a dirty handbag from the mud/grime/spills on the floor

The list can keep going but I won't bore you! Well, she decided to create a new product called the Car Cache! It connects to your front seat headrests and around your center console to create a guard preventing your bag from flying backwards, forwards, or side to side while you drive!

I actually received a Car Cache and I am IN LOVE!!!!

Installation was easy.

Open the center console cover and after making a small knot against the fastener (to prevent it from getting loose) adjust it to size and wrap it around your console. Then close the cover!

Next, take the right hand fastener across the front side of the drivers headrest and attach it to the outside post. Then do the same on the passenger side.

Adjust the straps so your handbag fits, whether it's a clutch or a huge tote!

Keep in mind, both seats have to be somewhat up right or else it won't really work, so if your passenger likes to lean back and nap the whole ride, you may need to think of something else!

My Car Cache has solved so many everyday #handbagproblems for me and now YOU can win one for yourself!

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  1. I just can't get over the bright pink Kate Spade handbag. Gorgeous.

    1. OMG im obsessed with my bag haha wait till u see it when i feature it more!

  2. so clever! i definitely have this problem!

  3. OMG so clever, great idea! i def need this, my purse is always following to the back


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