3 Reasons to Allow "Fun" Expenses in A Budget

Monday, May 26, 2014

I get it all the time…the weird looks when I pull out my cash envelope system and root through my FUN envelope.   I do it before I agree to any plans with anyone. 

If you are currently on a budget and you allow money for fun, like I do, you probably get some criticism.  People always wonder why we buy ourselves nice things like a manicure, a mini golf session, or an ice cream cone if we are always "so short on cash".  It's not that we are short on cash, it's just that we budget only a certain amount of money for certain expenses.  Often times other people just can't understand it but don’t let that discourage you!

It’s common for us to wonder why someone that is always saying they are struggling to pay off their debt is able to eat out a couple times a month.  Hello!? Because they NEED that reward to keep living like they do… on a budget!

So here are 3 reasons why you should always allow for “Fun” expenses in your budget. 

1. If you don't, you'll get discouraged!
Honestly, I tried giving myself only $20 a week for fun.  Fun means an experience, an ice cream cone, a movie rental, etc… But that wasn't enough so I ended up tapping into other funds and breaking my own budget rules.

You have to be able to enjoy life and reward yourself while youre budgeting, which brings us to my next reason.

2. Your reward for being on a budget is having a budget for fun.
If you didn’t allow yourself fun money you wouldn’t enjoy being on a budget, right? But by allowing yourself the reward of “Oh I get $40 this week for FUN!” makes you enjoy the whole process of living on a budget.   If you were miserable, you would NOT stick with it.
3. You are more disciplined about your fun spending.
Just like with anything else in life, moderation is okay.  So when you are driving by the nail salon and see “$25 pedicure today only” you will be more likely to think before spending that money.   The thought process that automatically goes through MY mind is “ Okay, is there anything I wanted to do before my next paycheck that I would rather spend $25 on?”

 And you would be surprised how disciplined you’ll become when you can tell yourself that you’d rather have a girl’s night out with drinks over a manicure that you can sort of do yourself at home (FOR FREE!)

I hope this helps keep you motivated if you’re on a budget, inspires you to get on one, or gives you some responses for when people criticize or question your Fun budget! 

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  1. I have been wanting to try the envelope cash system for a while, but I just love getting rewards on my credit card too much… Maybe I should just try it for half of my monthly expenses or something…

    Enter to win a personal styling session!

  2. How can I decide what an appropriate amount for fun is?


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