My 3 Most Comfortable Summer Shoes

Thursday, May 22, 2014

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I love wearing boots in the Fall but I don't miss how bulky they are in my closet by the time Spring rolls around so in an effort to embrace the warm weather and my selection of footwear I decided to showcase my 5 favorite pairs of shoes I own for Summer!

1. My Grounding Sandals

There is something about these sandals that no matter how much I walk in them, they are still so comfortable and my feet never hurt!   And yes they have copper dots....hello, grounded! Comfort Level - 9 out of 10
Website - Juil

2. My Sperrys
Do I even need to explain why? They are super cute with the leopard print (The insides are Summersox in leopard print!) and let my feet breathe during the day.
Comfort Level - 9 out of 10
Website - Sperry Topsider

3. My Leopard Flats
Not only are these versatile as flats and pretty neutral with an outfit but they are so comfortable. They have just enough of a heel to give me some lift without taking away from comfort.
Comfort Level - 8 out of 10
Website - Hotter Shoes

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