Play with a Dog with your phone!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

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So, I have a super fun app to tell you about today from the Purina Pet Park Walmart website!   It's called the Blippar App and it's the leading augmented reality and image recognition app.  You can fill your phone screen with pretty mucha ny object and it actually comes to life on your phone!!  So if you scan Hamlet the @Beggin'® Strips dog on your computer screen he will come to life!  You can make him do tricks and even take pictures with you!   I couldn't believe I could actually give him a Beggin'® Strip treat!

Here is a photo of me and Pixie with Hamlet!

It's so funny because you can make it look like you're with Hamlet in real on a work desk!

Or in my handbag!
It's really fun to play fetch with him and make him sit just like a real dog.  I find myself playing around with Hamlet whenever I'm bored before bed or whenever I'm in a waiting room somewhere.

And while you're at it, why not feed your real life dog some Beggin'® strips!   Then you can take a group photo with your pooch AND Hamlet!  It's fun that the whole family can enjoy!  And when you're shopping at Walmart you'll find scaleable displays that you can snap on Blippar!
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