My Fantasy Hair...Literally!

Monday, May 26, 2014

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Everyone knows I love long hair so it's no surprise that I enjoy wearing hair extensions.  Not only can extensions make your hair look longer but it also appears thicker and fuller.

The only problem with hair extensions is that most people assume the only way to get them is to pay big money to have them painfully put in at a salon.  This can damage your hair with certain methods they may use and it can be a lot of upkeep.  Personally, I like to be able to brush my hair and scrub my scalp without having to worry about extensions so that's why the only thing that works for me are clip-in hair extensions. 

My Fantasy Hair is a luxury brand of hair extensions that clip in your hair and come in many different colors.   Their hair is premium quality 100% Remy Hair with the best prices anywhere and with the selection of lengths, you can find the extensions that fit your style best.  Each clip has a non-slip silicone coating so it stays hidden and secures the extensions to your hair comfortably. 

I received a standard deluxe set of 170 gram hair extensions in Chestnut.  They are 18" long and go great with my natural hair color since I have a warm tone to my brown hair.

These are great and so easy to put in.  They come with 10 pieces total: 9 double-wefted pieces and 1 triple weft which is great for adding volume to the back!   The clips went in so easily and were comfortable all day long even when I laid down with them.  I love how silky and smooth they were and even though it was a windy day when I first wore them, they didn't get knotted or tangled.  No one had any idea I was wearing extensions! 

It was easy to figure out how to put them in my head, but I didn't use all 10 just yet.  I used 6 so that it looked more natural for the hair style I was going with. 

I did 2 3- clip wefts starting from the nape of my neck, then used the large triple weft.  For the sides of my hair and since I part my hair to the side, I used a 2 clip weft on each side and then on the fuller side I added in a single clip weft!  It looked and felt so great and I couldn't stop touching my hair!  

 photo Screenshot2014-01-05at102823PM_zps73241dbc.png


  1. Omg I'm jealous lol. It's so funny my one cabinet is filled with extensions

    1. Mine will be too now hahah do u have any extension hangers?

  2. I've always wanted to try extensions!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. I read so many My Fantasy Hair reviews that were good so I decided to go for it! I've had them maybe months now and they are fabulous. They last soooo long. I wear them evry single day. I'm glad now that I tried them, bc I was about to give up. Yeah Bellami was good, until I washed them the first time. Then tried Foxy, and dirty looks, and they all did the same exact thing! Its like as soon as you wash the durn things, they loose all softness, and start tangling. These never did that, and they have been washed several times. I wish I had my own blog, bc I would do a review for them.

  4. Im so glad I bought these. I saw so may good my fantasy hair reviews so I decided to try them out. I love them! I always used another big brand before, but they are nothing like these. Love the post!


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