If You Loved The Secret, Wait Till You Read This Book!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

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I'm sure you've seen me post on social media about the book The Secret and how effective it's been with my mindset lately.  So when I found out there's a book written by one of the contributors from The Secret, I was super excited to read it. 

It's called The Remembering Process and it's by Daniel Barrett and Joe Vitale.  The Secret was about the Law of Attraction, but this book is about a new method you can use to maximize that law.  It's a way to invite both success and healing into your life!  At first I thought from the title that this book would be about how to remember things and keep my brain healthy, but boy was I wrong! It's even better than that... basically in the most simple terms I can use, this book is about "remembering" good things that happen to you in the future.   And by remembering them, they can be more likely to come your way. 

This very much reminds us to be present but also to see the future as positive.   There are basically six steps to The Remembering Process:
1. Relax

2. Agree with the Present Moment
3. Play, Trust, and Observe
4. Use Touchstones
5. Leap Into QuantumRemembering—the Unified State
6. Collect the Wisps

After reading this book I put the process into action in my own life and I've had amazing results.  I think of something I hope for, and then I play it out in my brain with all the details like what the good news is, where I was when I received it, what I ate that day, how I felt, etc.

Not only is this an easy read but it's an inspiring book that motivates you to take control of your own life.  It totally goes hand in hand with what I've already been doing from The Secret!

This is a MUST READ for everyone, no matter what your hopes and dreams for the future are!  

Just trust me!

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