5 Things You Should Not Do To Your Partner in Public

Monday, May 12, 2014

Have you ever been at a family gathering with your significant other, or even a large dinner party and there's a couple that is openly bickering at each other?  Remember that awkward cringe you feel inside like you're embarassed FOR them? 

There are certain things in a relationship that shouldn't be shown publicly whether it's around family, friends, or coworkers.  So here are 5 cringe-worthy DON'Ts in a relationship.   

1.Don't Argue Against Every Little Thing He Says.

You know what I'm talking about... you can't even let him get away with saying the sky is blue because you think it's aqua.  Or you argue on the details of a story he's telling...like what day of the week it was.   Who cares?!   All you do is make yourself look crazy, controlling, and bitchy.  It's a sure-fire way to get all his friends to start talking bad about you once you're not around!


Bite your tongue...learn self control...and ask yourself why you are so angry and on edge that you must constantly pick at every word coming out of his mouth. 

Maybe you just need a chill pill or maybe you actually have a really crappy attitude and need to start working on being more positive.  Because remember, no one wants to be around you when you are negative


2. Don't Complain About Him To Others In Front of Him.

Not only is it immature and catty but it's the incorrect way to handle any issues in your relationship.   Relationship issues should be handled privately, not in front of a group of people.


Plus it's a big no no especially if you are around his family!Instead, make a note to yourself to discuss it at home.

3.Don't Eye Roll or Give Dirty Looks.

Trust me, everyone notices and then they will start watching to see what drama is going on. It's embarassing to your partner and it makes you look immature, bitchy, and rude.

Keep your cool, and don't make a negative expression.  The best way to mature as a person is to learn to control your emotions in certain situations!

4.Don't Fight in Front of People.

Not only is a public relationship fight embarassing for you but everyone around you is completely dumbfounded and doesn't know how to react or whether they should intervene. 
It's a huge sign of an unhealthy relationship and it's a red flag for you as a person. No one will be on your side when they see you screaming at your man in front of everyone just because he didn't text you back on time last night. 


5.Don't Show Jealousy in Public.
This will be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to master in life but I'm telling you if you can learn to control your emotions with jealousy, you will grow very much as a person. 


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  1. I agree with all of these! Some things need to happen behind closed doors, if at all. Nobody needs to see other people's drama!


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