4 Keys to Keeping a Strong Bond with Your Girlfriends

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

As we get older, it naturally becomes more of a challenge to stay close with our friends.  Life takes us in different directions with marriage, children, careers, and buying a home. 

Recently, on one of my meetups with my blogger bestie Monica from Jersey Girl, Texan Heart, a woman who worked at the vineyard we were at gave me some advice that will always stick with me.  She asked where we were from and what we were doing.  We explained to her that we were both from different cities 3 hours apart but we drive half-way every 2 months to spend the day together.  Her response?

"Always do that.   Always.  Trust me.  It's always important to have a special bond with your girlfriends so always make time for them like this. Make it a special point to find a way to spend time together from time to time."

That being said, I tried to think of some ways me and Monica keep our long distance bond very strong.  So here are 4 keys to keeping a close bond with your girlfriend.

Have regular get togethers// Whether you live in the same town or across the country, figure out a timeline that works for you. Even if it's once or twice a year that you hop on a plane to see your bestie, do it! Meeting half way is a great way to cut back on travel costs too and it gives you an excuse to explore a new area and find something fun to do.  Monica and I get together every 2 months. We try to make it a fun theme too like for October we went to an orchard, and for Christmas, we will go to a really nice dinner and exchange Christmas cookies and gifts.
Photo via Monica

Remember Important Dates// Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, sobriety dates, dates your became friends, kid's birthdays, and anything else that's significant in your besties life... write them all down and celebrate them each year even if it's just with a card or a text! My childhood best friend and I send a birthday card to each other every single year even if we barely have spoken or seen each other.  It's a cool little thing to look forward to!
Photo via Monica

Celebrate Holidays// Put your besties on your Christmas list and send them a gift each year.  Celebrate anything and everything that you feel like!  For Easter, get each other candy, for Halloween, go to a haunted house. The beauty of your girlfriends is that they won't think it's too silly if you celebrate even the goofiest of holidays.
Photo via Monica

Keep Each Other Informed//  I always get upset when I see people post things about how much their friends suck because they never hang out with them.  Sometimes adult schedules don't allow for in-person hangouts every week.  What's more important is keeping each other informed with your life.  It's such a nice thing to have that one person in your life that knows everything that's going on, bad or good. And whether it's texting on the daily or a weekly phone call, it's important to stay up to speed with each other's lives.

How do you keep the bond strong with your friends?

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  1. Maybe our girl friends are our soul mates and guys are just there to have fun with :) you put the goofiest smile on my face with this

  2. Such a great post! Aren't girlfriends the best?

    Heidi D.

  3. My best friend leave in Florida. Thru all my move she has been with me. We make sure to talk a least once a month. We always send gift to each. Next month we will be seeing each. Which it has been 3 years since we saw each other last.

  4. Great tips! This post resonated with me, because after college, my close girlfriends and I have all spread out across the country. Cute dogs, by the way!

    Partial to Pink

    1. Aww thanks :) And yea I have so many friends from so far away. its awesome!


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