Halloween with Your Pet // 7 Ways to Trick or Treat Em

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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To make the most out of your time this Halloween, why not involve the WHOLE family.  And by family I mean your furry friends!   I obviously don't go trick or treating myself and I don't have kids, so I always end up having a blast with my dogs.  Besides, no Halloween is complete without a dog costume right? With some Pup-peroni, a pet treat bag, and a costume - any dog is bound to have a blast in my home!   So I teamed up with #CollectiveBias to give you some ways to have a great Halloween with YOUR pet!

1. Keep 'Em Safe
The most important thing to remember around any holiday is pet safety.  Don't decorate with any items that can be toxic to your pets if ingested!   Also, make sure to keep human candy out of reach.   And when outside when the sun goes down, make sure your pet has a reflective collar or leash!

2. Treat 'Em
Everyone loves goodies on Halloween and your furry friend is NO exception!  Give your pet a little goodie bag full of delicious Halloween treats.

I picked up some Milo's Kitchen goodies and Pup-Peroni treats. 

 You can find them in the pet aisle at your local grocery store like Kroger!

Just divide the treats up and place them in little gift baggies.  

Your pet will love watching you pull a new treat out each time!

3. Find A Fun Costume
Speaking of Kroger, if you go onto the Trick or Treat Em website, you can take a personality quiz to see what personality best describes your pet.  This may help you pick out a costume for them.  Once you take the quiz you will get great savings and digital coupons of tasty dog treats like MilkBone, Milo's Kitchen, Pup-peroni, and Canine Carry outs.

4. Give Em Training Challenges
No party is complete without games.   Make your pets do tricks in order to get the treats in their bag.  Making them sit, stay, roll over, or shake are fun and simple tricks that deserve a reward! Pets deserve to be treated too!

5. Make Them Feel Secure
 Everyone gets spooked this time of year, and on Trick or Treat (for humans) night, the doorbell can be overwhelming each time a new stranger approaches your property.  Make sure you put your pet in a safe room in your home, and have someone sit with them and reward them with a treat every time they stay calm when a visitor arrives. Grace isn't a fan of strangers so she is happy to sit in her safe spot and enjoy some treats!

6. Decorate!
On the Trick or Treat Em website you can actually create a custom digital Halloween pet photo frame with a picture of your dog in their Halloween costume with their treats!  This is a great way to get personalized Halloween decor that you can print and display in your home every year!

7. Show Off!
Use that customized digital pet photo frame to show off on your social media sites, your desk at work, or on your refrigerator. 

Have you made a custom photo frame on the Kroger site yet?  If so let me see it!  Share it on social media with the hashtag #TrickorTreatem! I can't wait to see!

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