How To Spot A Fake Designer Handbag

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Designer handbags can be expensive so when you find one for a good deal, whether it's at a consignment shop or on ebay, there's always a risk that it may not be authentic.  The problem is that it's not always easy to spot a fake. 

As a handbag lover myself, I decided to put together a list of ways to spot a fake designer bag.

Awkward Stitching
If the seams on your bag don't line up correctly, or seem to be crooked, it's a good indicator that the bag may not be real.  A true designer bag has excellent craftsmanship.

A monogrammed bag is one of the easier kinds of fakes to spot.  The monogram should be correct when you look closely.  Some knockoffs will put letters together that look like the original monogram but if you inspect carefully you will see otherwise.  I once saw a Louis Vuitton bag that said LY instead of LV but you could barely see the tail of the letter "y".  Also, a good monogrammed designer bag won't cut the monograms off at the seams ever.  

Smooth Zippers
If the zipper gets stuck or doesn't slide smoothly when you pull it, that's a red flag.

The Smell of Leather
If your bag is supposed to be leather, it should always have a leather smell.

Place of Purchase
A bag purchased on the streets of a large city is a guranteed fake.  Be very cautious if buying from an online site like ebay.  Even consignment shop bags can be nearly identical to the authentic version.  Educate yourself and look carefully!

Have you ever spotted a fake bag?  How could you tell?

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  1. With coach handbag they have coach write round thing clap buttons. Learn that first hand. Since I have a fake coach wallet. How I find this out was I compared a really coach wallet that I got at the coach store. To the coach wallet I got at a purse party.


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