3 Tips for Happy Dogs this Summer

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Being the animal lover I am, I felt the need to write up a few tips for all you dog owners out there so your pets can stay happy and healthy this summer.

Tip 1 | Reward them with treats.
Because it's nicer out, there will be more opportunities for them to misbehave like barking at other dogs outside or digging in the yard.   So when they are being good and they listen to you when you tell them to stop, give them a bite-sized reward like Blue Buffalo Tender Beef treats from Chewy.  These are all natural so they don't have any artificial flavors.  My dogs love them and gobble them right down.

Tip 2 | Keep them hydrated.
It's already hot for us but imagine having a fur coat like your doggies do.  This is why it's very important to keep fresh water out for them especially when they come back in from outside.  I recommend leaving a bowl of water outside in the yard as well while they are out laying in the sun.

Tip 3 | No Hot Cars!!
If you can leave your pet at home while you run errands, please do so!  Leaving your dog in a hot car is not fun or safe for them.  Even if the windows are cracked, you allow people access to tease them or try to put food through the window for them (I've seen it before).

Tip 4 | Check for ticks.
Anytime your dog is outside it gives ticks the opportunity to hop right on so make sure you always check your pets when they come inside. Also, getting on a weekly/monthly flea and tick treatment is a GREAT idea.

What other tips do you have for happy pups in the summer? 

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