How I Handle Oral Hygiene with My Dogs

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Yes, you read that right.  I love my Chihuahuas and their breath but that's because it smells great these days! That's because I make sure to brush their teeth and tongue twice a week every week!  Normally, that would be a huge ordeal. Rocky generally runs and hides under the bed if he sees a doggie toothbrush, and Stella refuses to open her mouth.   The reason oral hygiene is such a big deal for me is because oral health and heart health are directly connected in both humans and dogs.  Chihuahuas are already prone to having bad teeth so that already makes me worry about their heart health.  I do get their teeth cleaned regularly at the vets office but in order to cut back how many of those I need to keep their mouths in great shape in between.   Even when I brush their teeth on a regular basis they still have bacteria in their mouths that can cause bad breath, and let's be honest - puppy breath is cute in the beginning but not their entire lives!

So, I've started to use the Orapup Dog Tongue Brush starter kit. It comes with the tongue brush and 2 Lickies!  
The Orapup Dog Tongue Brush is designed to improve pet breath and help cure stinky breath without a toothbrush.  See, one of the sources of bad breath in dogs is bacteria on the tongue so the Orapup Dog Tongue Brush has soft, micro-pointed bristles that reach into the crevices of their tongue to remove the stinky bacteria.   To use, you just apply the Lickies (which contains natural enzymes and has anti-plaque benefits for improved oral health, onto the brush and let your dog lick.  When done, rinse off the brush and store it for later use.  I even stick the brush in the dishwasher once a week!
It's more like a treat for my dogs now. Grace loves it and tries to lick it till the last drop is gone.   I apply little bits at a time so that the other dogs don't try to get in on the action while it's her turn.  She could seriously lick the brush for hours if I would let her.
And look! It's a miracle! Rocky is actually letting me help him with his oral hygiene for once.  It's easy for me to hold the brush and sometimes I set it down for him and he holds it with his little paws as he licks away.  In fact...

He loves it so much that when I try to take it away he grabs it with his mouth and pulls it back.  I have been laughing so hard when he does this.  Honestly, cleaning their mouths is like bonding time now!   I'm still able to brush their teeth the regular way twice a week but I always worry that I don't get Rocky's teeth good enough.   Using the Orapup Dog Tongue Brush helps reinforce his fresh breath and get rid of icky bacteria!    The Lickies come in different flavors like Chicken and Beef & Bacon.  It really doesn't matter which flavor I use because my dogs love them both!

And guess what! If you use code DogGone25 you can get 25% off your next order through June 15th, 2015.

Do you find it challenging to clean your dog's teeth?    Will you try Orapup to make it easier?

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  1. That picture of Rocky trying to take the Orapup brush is the best! We have a chihuahua ourselves, and she is a real sweetie...but her doggie breath can be a bit much at times. Thanks for sharing! #client

    1. Lol he is so funny with it! he loves this thing! he used to hide when I got toothbrushes out haha!


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