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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Did you know that the air in your house isn't as clean as you probably think it is? If you don't change your air filters often you are pretty much wasting energy and increasing your monthly energy bill by up to 15% percent!   Besides that, you are exposing yourself and your family members to some creepy pollutants!  Of course that means adding "Change air filter" to your Spring and Summer to do list.  When you own a home there are so many things to remember to do on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.   So why not make It easier with a filter subscription service like Filter Snap.  Here's how it works.  
Basically, you just tell the company your filter size, choose a filter quality (basic, standard, ultimate), and decide on a replacement schedule (1,2,3,6, or 12 months) and you'll get a new filter delivered to your door.   That's one less trip to make to the store and one less task to remember on your own.  By the time it arrives at your door, you will get the reminder you need to replace the air filter. 
I actually tested it out and got a deluxe filter for my dad. He is so happy with the fast delivery and so so happy with the quality.   It was so convenient and I consider it a luxury!   No need to run up to the home improvement store and get overwhelmed by all the options and prices.   Filter Snap makes it quick, simple, and easy!   The different types of filters are meant for the different needs of a household.   And if you don't know the size of yours, you can get help from the company.
Just another way to make your life easier.

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