How I Pamper My Feet

Friday, May 8, 2015

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I am the queen of foot pain.  I used to have Plantar Fasciitis but thanks to proper management I am able to prevent it from coming back. That being said, there are several things I do on a very regular basis to take care of my feet.

1 | I wear proper arch support.
You will never catch me wearing flip flops or super flat flats. Nope, all of my shoes have to have proper support for my arches.  

2 | I stretch regularly.
I am always stretching my legs and calves so that the muscles say lengthened. 

3 | I massage my own feet.
It's not the same as having someone else do it, but it definitely helps rejuvenate my feet at the end of rough day.  I just use a lotion and go in a gentle motion up and down my feet. 

4 | I use Sole Serum.
When I do wear pumps or heels and my feet start to ache, I have a wonderful secret weapon - Sole Serum.  Whenever I feel my feet starting to hurt I just apply 2-3 pumps per foot, give it a minute to dry, then I continue on with my day.  It really takes the pain away and it's so convenient and discreet to use. It is light so I just tote it around in my handbag!

5 | I get regular pedicures.
Nothing beats having someone else make your feet beautiful and colorful so I indulge in a pedicure every month!

What do you do to pamper your feet?

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