Feeding My Grace with Petbrosia

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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So Grace is my special pup that just LOVES food and I have been thinking of ways to change up her food lately and that's when I learned about Petbrosia. Petbrosia offers pet food delivery and they allow you to pick a specific nutrition plan for your pet based on their needs.  They use wholesome ingredients made from all-natural sources grown and raised in America.  They match your pet's diet to their breed, age, weight, and any other health needs.   

I got to choose the chicken diet for Grace. Their chicken diet contains only the best quality ingredients with free-run chicken as the first ingredient.  Then they add in a complex carbohydrate - brown rice - and blend it together to make a delicious food for your precious fur baby.  Lean chicken meat is packed with protein that helps build muscles and support healthy weight in dogs.  So this is great for Grace because she's very active and muscular. 


I loved that this food didn't have that icky dog food smell.   The kibble was perfectly sized for Grace's smaller mouth.  She loved this stuff.   It seemed to fill her up just fine and gave her great energy.  I loved how fast the shipping was and the process of filling in the pet profile was very quick and easy. You can even set your order to autoreplenish so you never run out of food for you baby.

Is this something you would do for your dog?

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