10 Pet Peeves You May Have as A Woman

Monday, March 28, 2016

Being a woman is a tough job and sometimes I find it comical how many of us share the same pet peeves on a daily basis so I wanted to make a fun post about it.  So without further ado here are some common pet peeves that you as a woman may have.

1\\Cords TwistingI don't know about you but the cord for my hair dryer and my flat iron are so twisted that they basically look licorice! I have no idea how to fix them but everytime I go to use them it seriously gets me so fired up.

2\\Bra Stabs
Yep, that's right - when your bra stabs you in the boob because the underwire has poked through. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

3\\Sneezing After Makeup
You get your eye make up absolutely perfect and then low and behold - you have to frickin sneeze!!

4\\Hair Ties Snapping
When you go to put your hair up and your hair tie snaps....and you don't have an extra!!!

5\\High Heel Wobble
When you're walking (in public, of course) and your heel buckles and you *almost* go down.  How embarassing! And then you have to quickly recover and act like nothing happened.

6\\Melted Chapstick
You always need it the most when it's accidentally been left in your car and is completely melted.  And if you still use it, well you basically just put a huge chunk all over your lips.

7\\Painting Your Nails
There is NEVER a good time for you to go hours without touching anything.  Because everyone knows, even when it's supposed to be dry, it won't be.

8\\Holes in Straws
I get a straw so I don't make lipstick marks on a cup. But no - the straw always has a hole!

9\\Being Seen at Your Worst
Everytime I have to run out at the last minute, no makeup, greasy hair, sometimes with a hole in my leggings - I will run into every single person I've ever met in my entire life. EVERY. TIME.

10\\Photos Lie
You will look so damn good, and you go to take a picture - and somehow it's not what you seen in the mirror. SO who is the liar...the mirror? or the photo???

Did I miss anything??

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  1. Oh my gosh, these are so funny & that's because they are true. It never fails that I get my eye makeup perfect & a sneeze. I mean, really?! Ugh!


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