How To Neutralize Odors In Your Home [ + a giveaway]

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Renuzit® brand provided me with samples of Renuzit® Sensitive Scents™ in exchange for a product review.  However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.

My home may look clean and beautiful in photos but I still have to take action on a regular basis to keep it that way.  I have 4 dogs which means there is plenty of fur flying around, dog toys on the ground, and pet odor in the air.  Especially because I have small dogs that use pee pads in the house, I need to make sure my home is always pleasant to my guests' noses.   So I now use a few secret weapons in my home from Renuzit Sensitive Scents.  They are the scented oil, adjustable scent cones, and deodorizing spray.

These products work to neutralize odors in my home and leave a pleasant and welcoming aroma behind.  So let's take a closer look at how each of these products can be used in different ways.

[Scent Cones]
I used my Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber scent cone in the dining room area where I nestle it between a houseplant and some decorative dinnerware.  It's great for small spaces and the cones last for up to 4 weeks.  They are also a biodegradable gel!  When guests come over we usually sit in the dining room and now I know that it'll have a pleasant smell.
[Trigger Spray] 
I let me pets on my living room furniture with me so I know they can leave scents behind.  I use the Pure White Pear & Lavendar spray to neutralize the tough odors like musky fabrics.  It's super easy to spray as I see my guests pulling in so I don't have to worry about them sitting on a stink couch.

[Universal Scented Oils]
The office is where I do a lot of my work but it's also where I keep the dog's pee pads and supplies.  This means that sometimes there can be an unpleasant odor in that room and you can detect it just by walking past it as you make your way down the hall to the restroom.  I just love how the Pure Ocean  Breeze makes the entire office and hall way smell.  It's so pleasant and now my guests don't even realize that I have pee pads in that room! 

Now one of you will get to win a free product voucher for any one Renuzit Sensitive Scents product!
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  1. I love these products.


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