5 Ways to Spend More Time With Your Dog this Spring

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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Spring is a great time to get outdoors and be more active, but if you're obsessed with your dog like I am with my 4 chihuahuas, you want them to be part of almost every moment of your life.  So I decided to put together a few ways that you can spend more time with your dog!

[1] Grooming Outdoors

If your dogs don't mind being brushed and you're able to clip their nails yourself, what better place to do it then outside.  Sometimes dogs can be less annoyed with being brushed if they are outside because they get so distracted by all the smells and sounds.  Always make sure your dog is secure in a fenced in yard or on a leash while you groom them. 
[2]Car Rides
Some dogs LOVE to go on car rides so anytime you have a quick errand to run like going to the car wash or going through a drive through, consider bringing your dog along.  Once again, make sure your pooch is secured in an area of your vehicle where they can't distract you.

[3]Long Walks
Since the weather is warmer in the Spring, it's a great idea for both you and your pooch to go on longer walks and even walks in more scenic areas. 

[4]Lounging in the Yard
Whether you lay on a blanket or you have a patio with chairs, basking in the warm rays (with skin protection of course!) feels good for you and for your dog.  Have you ever noticed how dogs lay in sunshine spots that come into your house? So what better way to relax together than laying in the sunshine outside.

[5]Dog Park
Socialization is very important for dogs (and people) so if your dog seems to do well with others, why not make a stop at the local dog park!?

And don't forget that rewarding your dog for good behavior is very important.  I like to spoil mine with Blue Buffalo Grain Free Chicken Tenders from Chewy! These treats have no corn, wheat, or soy and are made with 100% USA Chicken in the USA.   My dogs love them and it keeps them occupied for a while so it's a great way to spoil them after a day of good behavior.

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