Our First Easter in Our Home {+ a Giveaway]

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This year was our first Easter in our new home so I invited my mom, dad, brother, and Grandma over.  I love hosting things in our home because it's so easy for me.  I don't mind cooking and entertaining and ever since I used the KonMari Method, I don't have to worry about cleaning up the house aside from wiping down counters and running the vaccum. 

Our meal was ham, deviled eggs, homemade macaroni and cheese, gluten-free green bean casserole, and some rolls.  It was deeelish!   And for dessert we had apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

I also enjoyed mimosas all day which was fabulous! And of course I enjoyed a treat - Bauli Croissants! They are baked in an oven and absolutely delicious!! They come ready to eat and it's such a nice treat for breakfast or just as a dessert or a snack.  They have no preservatives and are naturally leavened.  And it's just 50 calories each for the minis!  Delicious!!  So last week was American Chocolate Week and to celebrate I have a giveaway from Bauli!
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How was your Easter? What did you eat?

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  1. Look at your sweet Easter table setting - I'm so happy for you, hosting your first Easter in your home!!

  2. I am Jewish so we don't do Easter, BUT...I DO LOVE HAM!! (Shhh, don't tell! Jews aren't supposed to eat ham, but I do!) DakotasDen

  3. What a great first Easter in your new home! Aww I have Celiac disease so I can't eat those croissants but they look sooo good and are definitely giving me gluten envy! Ha

    xo, Kristina

    1. My boyfriend doesnt have celiacs but he does have a gluten allergy so i understand!

  4. The table looks so pretty...and the meal looks delicious!

  5. Your food looked so delicious! I swear, holiday ham is one of my favorite things... I could eat that whole plate full! Haha.

  6. Woah chocolate filled croissants?! Sounds amazing! Everything looked beautiful!


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