Chewy 30 Day Challenge [Update]

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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As you know I began the 30 Day Challenge wwith Chewy on the Holistic Blend Dog Food. My first post was about my initial thoughts so this post is about some of the changes I've seen since starting this food. 

I'm currently feeding the - Chicken, Rice, & Vegetable All Life Stages Dry Dog Food.   I've never seen my dogs so happy at dinner time.  They love their food and I noticed that their stools have slowed down.  Nutritionally dense foods get absorbed into the body more so they product less waste and I'm definitely seeing that change in my dogs.  They were doing 3-4 bowel movements a day and now they are down to just 2.

I also noticed that they aren't shedding like they used to.  I no longer have to vacuum the couch every few days and can go 1-2 weeks instead.  They don't seem to be itching or scratching either! This is great news!   

I love that the Holistic Blend Food is hypo-allergenic and is good for skin and coats!

I am also noticing a great energy level.  Everyone seems very playful and happy and they can go running around the house just fine.  I'm pleased that there are no upset tummies! 

Check back in a few weeks to get my final thoughts on this food!  

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