5 Tips to Properly Care for an Active Dog

Friday, April 22, 2016

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Whether it's a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, any dog can be full of energy.  Believe it or not, my 4 love to race around and wrestle with each other.  Sometimes it gets a little crazy and someone slams into a wall, tumbles off the couch, or pulls a muscle as they run.  Just like with kids, you have to keep pets in line when they are active so here are a few tips to help care for an active dog.

1 | Prevent Falls
Obviously if you don't allow your dog on furniture you probably don't have to worry about this but that's just not a reality for me. I love my pups snuggling with me in bed and on the couch so to prevent falls, I use pet stairs and foot stools.  This way, they can safely go up and down without having to jump and risk landing the wrong way on their paws.  No one wants a hurt pup or a pricey vet bill.

2| Joint Care
Even if your dog is young, some breeds are more prone to joint issues, especially large breeds.  Since my Chihuahuas are all over the age of 5 I want to make sure I help them out with their joints so I use Nutramax Cosequin Minis from Chewy.com! They are chewy and moist and my dogs look at them as a treat. They are formulated for dogs up to 25 pounds and provide mobility cartilage and joint health support. 

3| Maintaining Control
When you have a dog that gets spurts of energy and likes to run around, you should always ensure that they are secure.  If you have a fenced in yard, ALWAYS make sure the gates are shut and never take your dog outside without a leash when you aren't in a fenced in yard.  The last thing you want is for your pooch to run off and risk getting hit by a car or have a scuffle with another dog.

4| Water
Water is the fuel of life for humans AND animals so always have fresh water out for your pet when you're home and you see your dog has been active.

5| Regular Exercise
Life can get really busy, and that's okay, but if you have a high energy dog, make sure you give him the chance to get his energy out through a 20 minute walk, a game of fetch, or just some rough housing and wrestling on the floor. 

Do you have an active dog?   What do you do to embrace his hyper side?

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