How To Organize Your Closet

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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I've written plenty of posts about how to clean out and purge your closet and wardrobe but I don't think I ever really made a basic how-to post for actually organizing one.   So I wanted to take some time today to offer advice on organization methods for in a closet.  Obviously when you start this task, you should completely empty your closet so you can see what you're working with.

If you are lucky enough to have shelves already built into your closet than that's great but if not, I highly recommend purchasing some wire shelving and installing it in your closet.  Some people only keep it at the very top so they can put their handbags on it but depending on the size of your closet, you may be able to install some shelving in the middle part of your closet as well so you can display your shoes.  If you have a small closet then a small book case unit usually looks good against the wall inside.

|Shoe Slotz|
I like to display my shoes so I can see my options everyday.  I do have a little shoe organizer on the bottom but I like to dispaly some of my favorites on the shelves in the middle of my closet.  My space is still very limited and so the best way to arrange my shoes is with Shoe Slotz.  Shoe Slotz are little storage units that instantly save space and make it easy to find your shoes.  They let you neatly display your shoes regardless of the type and size and they have a durable slip-resistant surface and top-panel shoe guard.  I love Shoe Slotz because I can still see my entire selection of footwear. 

|Handbag Storage|
Some people like to display their bags on a shelf but I highly suggest you cover any higher end bags with their dust bag or dust cover.  You can still keep them on the shelves just make sure you are protecting them.  This also prevents them from getting super dusty when you let them sit for several months.  There are also some people that hang their handbags which is a great idea!  You can find little hooks like the one above on Amazon here.

I am a huge fan of thin velvet hangers, which you can buy on Amazon. They take up much less space in your closet and they prevent clothes from slipping off of them.  I am convinced that they are more durable as well.  Also, if you plan to hang your pants, invest in hangers like the ones I use which you can find here.

|Clothing Arrangements|
When it's time to put all your clothing items back you should find the arrangement that works best for you.   I like to group items by type and then color.   The different types in my closet are dresses, blouses, tanks, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, sweaters, medium length sleeves, jackets, and loungewear.   Then within each category I arrange by color from light to dark.   Just find whatever works for you.  Don't be shocked if you change your method either. Originally, I hung everything by color in my closet and then realized that wasn't the best method for me so I kept trying new methods until I found the one that worked best for me.

How do you organize your closet?

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  1. We're lucky that we have really good shelving, and even drawers in our closet, but I still somehow end up throwing things on the shelves! I love those Shoe Slotz! My MIL gave us some hangers like that and I ended up throwing out all our old ones.

    1. I know its hard to not throw stuff on the shelves, it just becomes a habit lol

  2. Those are great ideas... I love the shoe holder I have never seen something like that before how cool!


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