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Thursday, April 21, 2016

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While I love writing about things that are useful to others, I do like to take the time to occasionally update you guys with things going on in my life.  I do have some things that are useful in these posts so perhaps you'll like my recommendations. 

Hair Lately
Oh my hair.  It's always something and you all know how much I dread having to wash it no matter how dirty it is. Well, I've been making showers much more enjoyable by pampering my hair once a week with BeHairWorks! There are 3 parts to it.  Be true is hair purification.  It has a gentle formula that removed product and mineral build-up and it really makes my  hair feel so clean and fresh afterwards.   I just leave it in for 5 or 10 minutes and then rinse it out.  Then there's the second part - Be kind which is the cleanse.  It's a moisturizing shampoo that clenses hair without drying it out.   Then part 3 is Be generous which is a deep moisture treatment.  It adds moisture and leaves your hair silky and smooth.  I love how it smells and I love how silky it leaves my hair afterwards.  This is another one that you leave in for 5-10 minutes. I find that it's a great way to just relax and do nothing while you wait for the time to be up.  This stuff is just truly amazing and I love that it rejuvenates my hair even when it's so dull and lifeless.  I know I use a lot of products on my hair on a regular basis so this makes me feel like I push the reset button from time to time.

Leggings Lately
Spring is always fun because it's warm out but can still get chilly in the evenings so I try to wear one outfit a day but I keep that outfit as versatile as possible. So now I'm obsessed with No nonsense Leggings.  They have so many styles, patterns, and colors to choose from.  It's the perfect way to complete an outfit. You can wear a tunic or dress over top.  When I'm lounging around the house I just wear an oversized t-shirt with some cute leggings. 

Forgetting Lately
Okay, so my memory has gone to crap these days and I always end up forgetting where I put my keys.  Sometimes it's in a shopping bag in my bedroom, sometimes it's in my purse, and sometimes it's somehow in a drawer.  Well thank God for the iHere 3.0 Key Finder because this thing can let me know where they are.  It is so tiny and lightweight and I put it on my keychain and then I just downloaded the app.  You can even control your phone's camera with it.  It's all run by bluetooth and it's rechargeable with a charge that lasts up to several weeks.   You guys HAVE to get one of these. It's only $19.99 so there's really no excuse not to!
To find out more about iHere 3.0 Key Finder- or iHere 3.0 Key Finder

Outside Lately 
We have this gorgeous wetlands in our backyard.  It's technically not on our property but it's still in our backyard.  And it's never going to flood because of the way our property sits uphill.  When we moved in last year it was already summer so we didn't get to see what Spring would be like and also we didn't have time to clear the brush that had already grown in.  Well this time, I made sure our weeds were cut back so we can see more of the pond.  I even found a little sitting spot. It's SOOOO peaceful to be near water.  I am in heaven. I grew up with the creek in my backyard so to not be near water is so weird to me.  Anyways, there are so many awesome creatures that we see including ducks, small fish, birds, muskrats, and more!   I just wish human beings weren't such jerks because their trash blows into it so I guess I need to clean that up one of these days.  If I don't, who will? 

Painting Lately
I painted Rocky! If you remember a few months ago, I painted Pixie at a local Paint & Create and I still had 3 more dogs to go.  So now, I just have 2 more to go.  It's always so fun and rewarding to create a beautiful piece of art for my home.  

Hope you enjoyed my updates :)

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  1. Aren't legging the best.


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