Things I've Learned Being A Homeowner

Monday, April 25, 2016

Being a homeowner has made me sooo domestic, I swear.  I've also learned a lot of cool little life hacks along the way that I wouldn't have known or even cared to know about before having my own house.  I figured I'd share some of the things I learned with you gu are just as excited about them as I am.

#1 | You can prolong the amount of time your bananas are ripe by wrapping their tops with foil.  No more having to worry about using the bananas before they go bad and no more having to make an extra trip to the store just for fruit.

#2 | Instead of purchasing spices at the store - make your own by hanging herbs from your herb garden to dry, then chopping and put into a container. In the longrun you will save a little bit of money and it gives you a sense of pride when you do it yourself. 

#3 | You can soften butter by filling a glass cup with boiling water, pouring it out, and then covering the stick of butter with the cup.  Perfect for impatient people like me!

#4 | If ants are bugging (ha!) your flowers, sprinkle the soil with Cinnamon.  I struggle with this every summer but the Cinnamon definitely works. 

#5 | Keep chipmunks away with mothballs. Trust me, they hate them! Snakes don't like them either so that gives you some peace of mind.

#6 | Baking soda takes the stink out of furniture and old stains on the floor where a dog (or child) peed.  Just pour it on, let it sit, then vacuum it up.  I have 4 dogs. I speak from experience.

#7 | Prevent streaks on windows by cleaning them with a microfiber cloth in a back and forth motion.  Circular motions actually enhance streaks.  Also clean windows when the sun isn't shining on them.

#8 | You NEED a flyswatter. Seriously, you do.  if you don't have one, you WILL go crazy.

#9 | Curtains are a pain, but completely necessary. It's like no matter when you shop for them it's always a big ordeal.  You have to find the perfect design, color, texture, type, and price.

#10 | Winters are depressing when you garden.  If you live in a state that gets a frigid winter, be prepared to mourn the loss of your garden until Spring.  Then all the hard work starts again.  I have a mini greenhouse inside but the outside is just so much better.

So as you can see - I've learned a few precious things in my first year of homeownership.  CHEERS!


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  1. I knew the baking soda tip. I use it A LOT. But I didn't know the rest. I go to Lowes way more as a homeowner than I ever did before.

    1. I know right. im at home depot like 3-5 times a week haha

  2. Congrats to you - that's a lot in only one year!!


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