9 Awesome Products for the Home

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

There are certain things in life that make it so much easier.  My home is full of those things and everyone always asks what I use for certain things and where it's from so I decided to make a post about it.

Furniture Pads to Stop the Couch from Moving
I have hardwood floors and beacuse of that, my couch likes to move when I do so I got these amazing furniture pads and VOILA! I haven't had a problem since. These are nice and thick and very durable. 

Lap Desk for Working on the Couch
The easiest and most comfortable way to be on your computer while on your sofa is with a Lap Desk!   Trust me, you'll thank me later!

A Room Fan
I can't sleep without a fan on because I not only need the moving air but I also need the sound.   I love love love this Honeywell Fan.  It does an amazing job of keeping the room cool even on days when it's super humid.

A Good Blender
Smoothies are my life. They are a great way to get your recommended daily intake of fruits so be sure to invest in a reliable one.  My favorite is my Ninja blender.  This thing is so good!

Closet Organizer
This Closet Organizer is amazing. I used to use one for my shoes in the closet but now I use it in the basement. You can use it for decorative items or for actual storage.

Batter Bowl
This Pioneer Woman Batter Bowl is amazing. It's great when you need to mix something and then pour it.  I especially love it for pancakes!

Cutlery Set
My Pioneer Woman Cutlery Set is LIFE!!!! It's so strong and durable and it's beautiful.  Don't ever cheap out on knives!

Lid Organizer
I love this pantry organizer for lids or cutting boards. It makes it so much easier to store and find what you need!

Boot Shapers
Boot shapers make closet life so much easier!   I love that my boots all stay tall and standing up now!

What other items can make life easier? Share below!

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