A Few Things to Remember About Administrative Professionals

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In honor of Administrative Professional's Day I wanted to make a post that every admin out there can relate to.  I know that many people take us for granted, but I don't know if they really understand what it's like to BE us.  So here are some things to keep in mind.  I promise that you're adminsitrative professional will thank you!

[1] We need our space. 
Just because we are out in the open doesn't mean you should hang around constantly.

[2] We aren't invisible.
Having a conversation with other people right in front of our desk makes us feel under appreciated and invisible. We are people too. Would you stand in your boss's office and talk to a friend? No... so go away.

[3] Our job is exhausting.
You know how people say they get tired from a long day  where they had to be "on" all day... being on means being ready to be approached. you notice every person that walks past, and you are prepared to talk to them if they engage you. it's EXHAUSTING.   

[4] Don't interrupt.
Just because our desk area is generally open, doesn't mean we forgo privacy. if there is someone at our desk whether it's for work or a personal conversation, please dont assume it's okay to just come up and stand or just jump right in. Go back to your desk and check back later.

[5] Those little tasks add up.
I'm not kidding when I say we slave over a copy machine. Those things get hot. And when you have a billion staples and paper clips and you want some things double sided but others not wehave to do a lot of rushing around over the copier to coordiante everything.

[6] Multi-tasking is constant.
Not only do we have about 10 things always in the back of our mind for ongoing projects that we are waiting to hear back from someone else about, but we are constantly interrupted by ringing phones, emails, and foot traffic.  It's exhausting.

So with that being said - we understand our job is to be the one everyone depends on but please remember that our jobs can be just as difficult and tiring as everyone elses.

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  1. Ellen, this is hilariously true! I'm not an admin, but I have a cousin that is, and she says the same thing! Happy Admins Day to you!


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