4 Things You Can Do Right Now To Prevent Illness In Your Family

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


We all get sick every once in a while. When we live and work in close proximity to other people, it is inevitable. But if you’re one of those people who pick up any bugs that are going around, you need to take action. Making small changes to your everyday life can reduce your likelihood of getting sick.


1. Vaccinations


Ensure your vaccinations and those of your family are up-to-date. Vaccines contain some of the elements of the disease. However, they are altered and weakened so they won’t cause harm. When this is injected into the system, your body creates antibodies to fight it. Therefore, if you are exposed to the disease, you already have the antibodies present in your body. So you are much less likely to contract the disease.


2. Boost Your Immune System


The immune system is your body’s way of protecting against infection and illness. It is your defense system. Like any other part of our body, it is important to look after it. When it becomes weakened it is much less able to do its job. The consequence of this is that you are much more likely to become ill. There are many ways you can look after your immune system:


  • Maintain good overall health and fitness
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet which includes all nutrients
  • Take a supplement such as Byron White formulas, if required. This will provide you with an extra boost.
  • Practice healthy habits in your everyday life
  • Drink plenty of water each day and stay hydrated


3. Wash Your Hands


Imagine someone who has a cold or the flu. They are carrying bacteria in their bodies. Imagine all the places they touch when they get up in the morning. They leave the house and go to work. On the way, they take the bus. They exchange money with the bus driver. The bus is crowded, and so they hold onto the handrail. Now imagine that person is a co-worker. When they arrive at work, they go straight to the kitchen and make coffee. They touch the kettle, surfaces, spoons, cups, etc. All of those areas could be contaminated with their germs.


To prevent picking up those germs, wash your hands regularly throughout the day. For example:


  • Each time you visit the bathroom
  • After using public transport
  • When working in communal areas
  • After using communal equipment such as phones
  • Before cooking and preparing food
  • After contact with pets


If it’s not possible to wash your hands straight away, use a hand sanitizer.


4. If You Become Ill


If you do become ill, do your best to contain the illness and prevent other from catching it. Steps you can take:


  • Where possible, avoid contact with other people
  • Work from home if that’s an option
  • If you share a bedroom, move into the spare room for a few days
  • Use tissues rather than handkerchiefs
  • When you blow your nose, dispose of the tissue carefully
  • Wash your hands regularly


Sometimes illness arrives and is beyond our control. However, by taking simple precautions you can avoid getting sick. And you can create a healthy environment for the whole family.

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  1. My family does all of these things and we are barely ever sick.



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