5 Things To Do for a Dog with a Tummy Bug

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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Yes, that's right... your dog can actually catch a little tummy bug just like humans can.   While we can't catch things from them, they can catch things from us and from other dogs.  So tis the season for bugs. 

A tummy issue can show up in several different ways like throwing up, having the runs, getting constipated, losing an appetite, or just being tired and lethargic.   So if your pooch is acting out of the ordinary here are 5 things to do for an upset tummy.

{1} Call the Vet
Before you try to treat ANYTHING on your own you should always call your vet.  Sometimes you can relay the symptoms over the phone and they can give you advice without having to bring your dog into the office.  So make sure that you always talk to a vet first.

{2} Pumpkin
Especially when your dog has loose stools OR doesn't have any stools at all, pumpkin can help A LOT.  It does the same for humans. I love Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up from Chewy. Pumpkin naturally supports digestion.  It can help you become more regular meaning more loose if your bound up and more solid if you're too loosened up.  Pumpkin Patch Up! comes in single-serve pouches and can be fed in conjuction with a complete meal.  It contains soluble and insoluble fivers and it's pureed so it's easy to mix into your dog or cat's regular food.  It's also BPA and gluten-free. 

{3} Bland Diet
If your vet lets you know that your dog just has a tummy bug, her or she may advise you to feed a bland diet to your dog which will help bind them up if they are getting the runs.  Chicken and rice or beef and rice is what I make for my dogs when they aren't feeling well.

{4} Water
Even if your pooch doesn't feel like eating a lot of their food, make sure they drink so they don't become dehydrated.  Especially if they have the runs, they can easily lose too much water. 

{5} Rest
Don't scold your dog for having an accident when he or she is sick.  They don't know any better and unlike us, they can't reason and rationalize what's going on so if they don't feel well, they are likely scared and confused.  Simply clean up the mess and give them some cuddles.  Let them rest in a comfortable area of their choosing and keep a close eye in case they get sick again.

What do you do for your pooch when they have a sick tummy?

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  1. Very nice post!!! So much important information that can really help any sick dog. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  2. Never knew pumpkin would help a dogs upset stomach.



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