Dog Health + Safety Tips for Fall

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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If there are 3 things you should know about me they are that I obviously love my dogs like family, I love Fall, and I love getting all my shopping done in one place.  You'll see how all these tie in together soon but first let's start with the point of this post.  Fall is a great time of year because it's not too cold or too hot out so it's an ideal setting for you to spend more time with your pooch.  

My dogs are my life.  Each one is so unique and has such a great personality.  

There's Pixie who is the leader of the pack.  She's such an obedient dog and keeps the others in line.  

Then there's Rocky, my adorable old man.  He's so spunky and hyper despite his enlarged heart (which is doing excellent by the way!). 

There's Grace whom despite her recent health issues with some ruptured discs, loves to run around and play! 

And of course there's sweet Stella, my shy little girl. 

So now that you've met my wolfpack let's get into the tips I have for keeping your dog's health and safety in mind. 

[1] Leash and Collar Check
Always make sure that your dog's leash and collar are secure.  Collars should always be checked for any weak spots so that you can get a new one if the current one runs any risk of falling apart or tearing off.  It's also a good time to make sure that the info on their ID tag is up to date in case they do run off.  If you have a tie-out for your dog in the yard while you are outside working on your garden, make sure it's securely staked into the ground. 

[2] Fleas and Ticks
Just because it's not Summer doesn't mean that fleas and ticks aren't a concern.  Ticks can be found even in your backyard so make sure you are still treating monthly with a flea and tick product.  Most products even come with little stickers to remind you each month on your calendar that it's time to treat your pets.  Whenever you come inside, make sure you check your dog for ticks and any other pesky bugs that may try to hitch a ride.   

[3] Brushing & Bathing
I don't know about you but Stella always shed a lot in the Fall as she gets her cold weather coat.  I notice she itches herself a lot more and then little fur balls come out.  It must be a pain to feel your hair loosening when you don't have opposable thumbs to pull it out, so I brush her every week to help.  This also means there's less shedding inside the house and on the furniture.   Also bathing is a great idea to get any debris and dirt off your pooch.

[4] Check Those Paws
It's always a good idea to get in the habit of checking your dog's paws before coming inside.  There's all kinds of sticks, stones, and dirt clumps that can get stuck in the fur between their paw pads and it can be super uncomfortable for them.  So always do a paw check upon entering the house! 

[5] Enjoyable Meals + Treats **
So obviously you should provide your dog with ample water when outdoors and even afterwards but what about food? For my dogs I use Purina Beneful Healthy Weight. Most pet owners consider their dogs another member of the family, so it only makes sense to feed them with their health and wellness as a top priority. 

When it comes to treats, every dog deserves a reward when they come in from outdoors.  Actually, sometimes it's a good idea to give them a treat to enjoy WHILE they're outdoors.  That's why I like Purina DentaLife daily oral care treats.  They are new this year and they help out with oral maintenance in your pets! 

As promised, I told you I'd explain why I like to get all my shopping done in one place and how it's possible.  Well the good news is that Purina offers a wide range of products for your pet's overall health and wellness AND natural food selections, too.  And you can get these products where you regularly shop for your own food needs!   

You can find Purina Beneful Healthy Weight, Purina DentaLife, and other Purina products in your local Giant like I did.  Just head to the pet aisle where you can find lots of natural and healthy solutions for your pets!  This is great because it saves you that special trip to the pet store.  There's even a great selection of toys and accessories that help support an active-lifestyle - PERFECT for Fall! 

And you can try Purina DentaLife with a $2 coupon here

So what ways are you going to help your dog enjoy Fall? 

**Not to be taken as professional veterinary advice.  Please consult your veterinarian for recommendations and practices appropriate for your pet. 

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  1. Having a small dog can be a little extra work- I find they get cold real easy- sweaters and extra blankets are a must! #client

  2. Hi Ellen! These are all such really great tips. Having 2 dogs myself, I can really appreciate your post. Your pups are adorable by the way!!


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